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The Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Face Mask REVIEW

Hi! In favor of this post, I have determined to share a review of yet again another of the Body's Shop products. But what is the difference from my previous review? This "commodity"(seeing as it is sourced from Ethiopia)is well-liked  within the facial range,at the time being one of their new releases,tested and "evaluated" by multiple beauty YouTubers where Body Shop have directly sent their products out for experimental,discussion,ad purposes. Despite that, NONE of the above are anything that I am doing. I am simply trialing a product for mine own personal interests as well as yours,EXCLUSIVELY. This post is not sponsored,paid,official or publicizing post for that matter at all. Moving aside to the actual review, as before I shall start off with the smell. It smelt like a....redolent,sweet-smelling fragrance. Surprisingly, the scent was not overpowering which was exceptionally impressive.😊 I have acquainted myself with Honey-based face masks where the pe

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