#BoldisBeautiful Campaign Post!

Just to note that I'm not being paid for advertising the following. ALL merchandise had been brought previously, all in aid for the charitable cause.

Hey guys!

As I had mentioned in my last post, there has been a few points I've liked to feature in a few of my upcoming beauty posts. One of which is the campaign, promoted by House of Fraser's beauty range in High Wycombe. 

The aim of the campaign had been to raise money for a charity who gives support to those with a lack of confidence as well as the well-being of anyone undergoing treatment of cancer. This campaign also supports a charity which provides life changing services for those experiencing or have experienced domestic violence. Links of information of the two charities are left below:

Boldisbeautiful supporting charities 

I decided to post on this charity as it focuses on a modern,common problem which is occurring and turning into a bigger issue every year.  This links back to self-esteem, the "perfect image", the bad influences and encouragement of celebrities which people look up to. 



That's all from me but I'll be back with another post soon...

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