"Perfect Picnic" Collaboration with #sweetreats Part One!


For a while, I have been meaning to publish my side of a collaboration which I had done with #sweetreats, baking blogger. As mentioned upon her blog, she has selected a few tasks which I were to complete for our picnic and vice versa. Together we believed it would be an extra special treat for our viewers who were used to recipes and opinions upon beauty and cosmetics. Without further ado....

The first task which I was set had been Makeup. Yes, I know. Makeup normally is not a essential when at a picnic party. However, it were planned as an special occasion AND at the time, I had never met #sweetreats therefore, I had  wanted to make a good impression personality-wise as well as look-wise.

As that specific day the temperature had been said to be very warm,therefore,I firstly cleansed my face with a deep cleansing micellar
water which you can buy from most stores who sell cosmetics. 

Afterwards, I applied "EAD Sun Screen" Sun Lotion with
the SPF of 50 onto my face and neck, ensuring I had covered all areas of my face and so there were no patches. Once this was complete, I added the foundation "No7 Stay
Perfect Foundation" in the shade "Mocha", once again covering my face and neck, making sure there weren't any uneven areas of makeup. 

Overall, I was satisfied with how it looked on my skin as well as its even coverage. Once I finished adding makeup to my whole face, I straight away moved onto to my eyes as they were the quickest and easiest.

Normally when I go out, I like to give my eyes an extra special flare by adding different tones of brightly-coloured eyeshadow. But, as I was only attending a causal picnic party with a fellow blogger, I chose to apply "Rimmel Volume Extend Mascara Colour: 001 Black along with the
eyeshadow duo "Color Trend" with the shade "Sunburst" brought online from Avon. I layered the nude colour eyeshadow first, then the dark,powdery purple on top to give
my eyes a glittery look which worked really well with my skin tone. This followed on with a liquid eyeliner from Max Xfactor. To be specific, it were
"Colour X-pert Eyeliner" in the shade "Deep Black". In my opinion, this eye look probably had been my best ever look that I've ever done!

To finish my look, I had decided to apply a liquid lipstick which I had ordered online especially from "Anastasia Beverly Hills".  It's called
"Liquid Lipstick-Katheryn-New" in the shade "Brown Berry". I noticed a lot of their liquid lipstick range had nude/light-coloured shades which 1. Wouldn't suit the whole makeup look 2. Wouldn't look right with me as the colour would emphasize my lips far more than it needed to 3. I didn't particular like any of their shades except "Brown Berry". Then, I lined my lips with "VelveTease Lip Pencil" in the
shade "Velvet Teen" just because it was a great outline colour for my lips and the only decent one I could find online. Even so, the actual quality of the lip liner wasn't as good as its colour. It was rather difficult to remove and cause my lining on my lips to feel stingy and sore.

And that's my first stage. Stay tuned some time soon for Part Two....

BBB xxx


  1. Loved this post,micellar water is my holy grail makeup remover x


  2. Well done on your blog post! I had been meaning to find out what exact makeup products you had used on the day as you looked stunning! I really loved our Picnic Party!

    #sweetreats xxx www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. Lovely post! I've nominated you for the blogger recognition award over on my blog xoxo

    1. Thank you Ella! I will get 'round to writing a post in favor of my nomination.

      BBB xxx


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