Morninga Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub Review


First of all, I apologise for last post's inconvience; I was particulalrly looking forward to sharing my"Morning SkinCare Routine" with you. To make up for previous inconvience, I have settled an alternative which is to review a newly released product from Body Shop, said to"slough away dead skin cells" and "leave your skin smooth and refined". The at most way to test the above try it for two reasons

1. To determine whether this product is ideal and up to my expectations
2. So you don't have to.

Moving aside to the actual review, I was lucky enough to recieve two sample pots of Morniga's Exfoliating Scrub which I shall be testing.

First things first, this scrub smells...heavenly. Yes, a scent of heaven. Or alternatively paradise? The smell is a combinatiiong of sweet honey and nectar,strongly-fraganced flowers and generally a sweet-smelling aroma of flowers. It's marvelling and eye-watering(in the best way possible).

When gently massaged into my skin, it had a...grit feeling to it. Rather than feeling smooth and silky, it felt full of grit as well as soothing. Once again, the scent of this body scrub was a deep floral smell which I imagined would've lasted on my skin for hours because the scent was ever so powerful. The smell was not overwhelming,in my opinion. I felt it was the good classification of an "intense scent".

Even though the scrub had a particularly gritty feel, it washed off easily, I didn't have a dilemma with washing it off.

The after-feeling of the scrub was a refreshing sentiment. In terms of smoothness of skin, the scrub wasn't exactly saying much. I did not notice an inapt difference from my regular shower wash and Body Shop's scrub. My skin felt fairly regular.

If I was going to rate this product out of 5, I'd give it a three. If we're talking faults in the products,they wasn't anything I could complain about. It washed well, smelt good. At the same time, it failed to meet their promises in smoothing my skin. Nonetheless, the sensational scent of the product lasted for what felt like a really long time,without moisturizing skin.

That's a wrap on my critical judgement and I shall end this post on photographys of the sample. Hope you enjoyed my review!

'Till the next time!



  1. Nice review.❤❤ A shame about the smoothness but other than that, it sounds like a good product.😊

    #sweetreats xx


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