Blogmas !! Day 1


Participating in Blogmas for the first time definitely is an excuse to make more of a fuss over the Christmas theme in my household, as well as this blog. To start off my first year of Blogmas,  I am thrilled to be in a collaboration with my best blogger friend. We've collaborated before, met in person and generally enjoyed ourselves thoroughly in working together. Therefore it gives me great pleasure to announce my collaboration with #sweetreats.

With inspiration from our previous collaboration, Picnic Party, the original idea taken from Zoe's blog, we've decided to put a festive twist on our last collab. By the end of our preparation,shared between both of our blogs, we'll meet once again and actually arrange the party, between the lines of how we've planned it online. I find this really fun as it gives the element of surprise to Christmas as well as to you all. Both of us have more freedom over what we're doing as we're not opting each other's tasks but doing the exact same ones, with various ideas.

First off is the ultimate Christmas Playlist of the party.

Comin' For Xmas (Usher)

Last Christmas (Beyonce)

Christmas In the City( Mary J. Blige)

Don't They Know It's Christmas (Band Aid)

Someday on Christmas (Stevie Wonder and Andra Day)

Somewhere Only We Know (Lily Allen)

My Only Wish (Britney Spears)

Carly Rae Jepsen (Last Christmas)

Go Back To December (Taylor Swift)

8 Days of Christmas (Destiny's Child)

Moving aside from the musical aspect of parties, family Christmas surely shall not be the same without...those good old(literally) Christmas movies.šŸ˜Š

Love Actually

The Perfect Holiday

The Nativity Story (from the director of Twilight)

Miracle on 34th Street

Jim Carey Christmas Carol

Trading Places

Last time, #sweetreats has been in charge of decorating and it had been brilliant, as you can agree. This time, I have the oppotunity to get arty(not that I am god at arts or better at crafting than #sweetreats). But I searched the internet, coming acroos a few ideas to include in our celebration...(don't tell #sweetreats yet)....

I thought that looked quite cool 

I'm literally OBSESSED with fairy lights(as you can tell).

The finale of our prep was to plan entertainment. If I'm being honest, when it comes to entertainment, it all goes down to a game of monopoly and a few card games here and there. But I supposed the food, drinks, decorations, music and the films catered for that. But I guess there are some alternatives to the boring classics(sometimes):

Try not to laugh challenge(BUT WITH A TWIST). Instead of just sitting in a circle, looking at one another and
attempting to hold in giggles, think up 5 jokes, or things you know your guests will laugh at. Take it in turns to read out the questions, timing how long your guests are composed. Whoever doesn't laugh throughout your humorous reading wins and gets to choose the next game(if they have another idea of one)

Picking from the magazine. Ok,ok, before you go all moany on me and go into massive detail about exactly how boring it is to read during a party, hold your horses. It's actually not that bad. For starters, pick a magazine that you know your guests are interested in. If you pick a  a magazine, with articles about grooming a horse and life hacks about horse manure, no one's going to be interested. So select a magazine which you can pick items from and has funny articles inside. Then, with your fellow guests, flick through the magazines as you go along, commenting on what you like and what you don' like until you reach the end of the a magazine. Not only is this a boredom buster but it'll buy you time to think of something else to occupy your guests.

When I come to think f it, I don't believe I'm so bad at the entertaining side of parties.

That's all from me. Thanks for watching, please comment and let me know what you think and for more Christmas Party Fun, head over to sweetreats blog here.

See ya!


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