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I apologize for not posting a blog post for more than a month! I suppose it doesn't really matter just because I'm not getting as much page views as...Zoe Sugg or Louise Pentland.

Anyways, this week's post is about the key points in beauty and cosmetics. I haven't really been able  to go to any drugstores because I've been extremely busy. However, yesterday, I did visit a Boots store and took a couple of photographs in their makeup section. I found it quite cool to browse their beauty and makeup section because they had a very large selection of makeup products for all skin types and  was beautifully presented in order to attract possible customers.

 I suppose it's the same when wearing makeup-you wear it to attract attention to yourself and make yourself seem presentable. It depends on whether it suits you as a person or as a wannabe. 

I searched their beauty section and found this super cute Ted Baker Beauty Set which included Ted Baker's hand cream, body cream and even a bottle of perfume! I found pretty and a great addition to anyone with an elegant,feminine touch to their personality.  
With this in mind, I created a beauty and makeup wishlist of what benefits me in a positive way. 

No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion for Normal / Dry Skin
200ml- £9.50 : I chose this product to care and cleanse my own skin. To be beautiful, you can't expect Rimmel and Maybeline to do the job for you. It's a matter of knowing how to take care of your skin.

Boots Simply Sensitive Deep Cleansing Face Mask 75ml-£3.19 : Although this face mask is a cheap alternative, I find beauty products are used to do wonders to your skin. And as long as they do that, that's really all that matters.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Cream
125g- £5.00 :  Once again this is a cheaper alternative but I personally feel natural body creams really benefit my skin health.

NYX Stay matte but not flat liquid foundation- £5.00 :  This foundation is one
of a kind! It works amazingly on my skin and comes in many shades meaning it suitable for all skin colours and it's not too pricey. Perfect!

DIOR DIORSKIN STAR Concealer 6ml-£22.00: Although this
product is a little pricey, I would recommend it if your face is really spotty. Either way, I feel concealer is unnecessarily because applying it is hiding your TRUE beauty.

NYX The natural shadow palette-£7.50- I chose this eye shadow palette because it contained natural colours. Seeing as I am  not a big fan of bold,sharp colours, I like to keep my makeup choices simple and this choice of eye shadows do that.
Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish-£2.99: I believe this range of nail polish is very good
because the variety of colours they offer. They have many shades of blue,pink,green. All neutral colours!
I haven't included any lip makeup or brow makeup to my list because I don't feel it is necessary to ME. I apologize for not including it if you wanted me to.
 What I have learnt from making this beauty list is beauty products and ranges puts on a mask of perfection but deep down, it's not as pretty as you think. It involves many  negatives to beauty in itself. That's why I prefer to stay away from foundations and concealers and focus on keeping my skin clear and healthy and looking its best without any cosmetic products.

I hope you've learnt as much as I have as we continue on our journey to finding what beauty is.
If you know of a product that I haven't listed that you'd like to recommend,comment below and let me know.
See you next time! 



  1. Hiya BBB! This is the first time I've EVER seen your blog. I can definitely see why Stella nominated you-your blog is AMAZING! It's almost as if the words from every blog post flow like a river. Count me in this journey to beauty!


  2. Don't worry about the Pageviews or followers too much. Just enjoy the feeling of having your own blog xx love your blog and others will love it too :)
    P.s. You are a very god blogpost writer! ❤️❤️

  3. I'm really enjoying reading about your journey so far,it's different to what the majority of bloggers I come across write about and thats what sets you apart from others-your blog will grow in no time! xx

  4. Just seen your blog, I love it, don't worry about page views or anything, I started my blog last Feb and didn't see results until around November, as long as you continue doing what you love that's the main thing xoxo

  5. Great post. Like everyone has said above, don't worry about page views! They'll pick up soon :) . Love your blog xx

  6. Looks amazing! Great post babe xx

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