Blogmas Finale with #sweetreats


I apologize sincerely for not publishing any further Blogmas posts. If you are not aware, I was informed by #sweetreats not to release any more Blogmas posts as she was going to be absent from her blog for a ENTIRE week and to leave it for when she returned. She's now back and so am I with a surprise. With constant communication and all hands on deck, #sweetreats and I have managed to conclude our Blogmas series of the year. What better way to top New Year's Eve!

First of is the food which I didn't exactly contribute to. #sweetreats was cool with this as she pretty much conjured up the entire feast for the party. So I was saved. Thanks #sweetie!

I brought these BBQ Pretzels from The Grape Tree and they tasted INSANE. I also supplied the cupcakes, with inspo from my recent holiday away where the cupcakes provided were BEAUTIFUL!

Food inspo

So, the decoration are done, playlist done,food(mainly covered by #sweetreats), guest list sorted (behind the BEHIND scenes). I'm going to call #sweetreats ,letting her know that I'm ready to go.

BBB: Hey #sweetreats! Are you ready to come round?

#sweetreats: Yes... I'm so excited!!!

BBB: Same. It feels like I haven't seen you in forever! You haven't changed have you?

#sweetreats: Well....(laughs). I guess a little. But all good changes.

BBB: (laugh). So you know where you're going? Do you need the address again?

#sweetreats: It's fine. I can make my own way there just fine.

BBB: OK. So I better leave it to you. So see you soon!

#sweetreats: Yeah ok! Bye!

BBB: Ok. Bye!

For the record, #sweetreats did as a matter of fact get lost. If I hadn't called her 20 minutes before the party and gone out to find her, I don't know what time she'd arrive to set everything up.

The parteee!!!



More photographs are to come...

That's all from me. I'm off to party! (#sweetreats wrote that)!!!


  1. Thanks so much for contacting me and asking if we could collab again! It was even more fun the second time and I thoroughly enjoyed it (you really are a good entertainer). I hope to do more collaborations with you into 2017. All the best and see you soon!😘

    #sweetreats xxx

    1. Your collab is awesome!
      x TG


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